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Become part of the new trend in sulkies, now available in Australia and New Zealand and coming to the States
Australian designed, engineered and built to the highest standards. The Bolt sulky is uniquely different to any other sulky in the world boasting specialized safety mechanisms, functionality, unprecedented balance and tracking abilities. Our revolutionary interchangeable pivoting shaft system has been designed with the best interest of horse and driver in mind. The Bolt Sulky is the first sulky ever submitted to Harness Racing Australia's test engineers at Human Impact Engineering including Australian designed and manufactured aluminium wheels that are also uniquely different to any other sulky wheel on the market.

The Bolt Sulky is manufactured from the highest grade aircraft and military gunbarrel Chromium molybdenum material. This material provides for superior strength and hardness with an excellent strength to light weight ratio. Our Leading edge new innovation concept design system combined with this grade material will give you a sulky that stands alone and will always remain ahead of our competitors on many levels.

Get the most out of your equine partner with a Bolt Sulky, arguably the best union between horse and driver.

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Notable Bolt Sulky winners

Horse Distance Mile Rate Replay
Parisology (NZ)* 1609m 1:54:8 View replay
Millwood Liberty (NZ) 1609m 1:55:5 View replay
Tiz a Smokey 1609m 1:57:4 View replay
Parisology (NZ) 2030m 1:57:6 View replay
Lethal Star (NZ)** 1609m 2:00:9 View replay
Cookavich*** 2030m 2:00:2 View replay
Master Kiesey**** 2200m 2:06:2 View replay
Strawberry Courage NZ***** 1609m 1:55:8 View replay
* With the assistance of the Bolt Sulky this mare wins a listed final at Menangle going 1:54:8 starting one of the outsiders in the race at 50/1 coming from well back at the top of the straight.
** Lethal Star NZ, a two year old filly won at Newcastle on debut despite having the sulky inner tube wrapped around her sulky wheel for the entire of the last lap as an unraced filly!
*** With the assistance of the Bolt Sulky this mare which was considered the rank outsider at 66/1 wins by 5.1m in front of the race favourite.
**** Master Kiesey a 14yr old trotter on its 350th race start with a 10m standing start handicap, which hadn't won a race in almost 12 months finally wins after utilising our Bolt Sulky for the first time at Horsham VIC.
***** Mark Callaghan wins yet another Menangle country series final in similar fashion, storming along the home straight onboard a BOLT sulky!