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Bolt Winning Replays

Video replays of some great Bolt Sulky winners.
Horse Distance Mile Rate Replay
Strawberry Courage NZ 1609m 1:55:8 View replay
SOMNIO DENARIO NZ 1609m 1:58:3 View replay
Strawberry Courage NZ 2030m 2:02:0 View replay
Strawberry Courage NZ 1609m 1:57:7 View replay
Cookavich 1609m 2:01:1 View replay
Strike On Command 2113m 2:03:5 View replay
Scott Tom 2044m 2:01:9 View replay
Ultimate Ace 2030m 2:00:6 View replay
Master Kiesey 2200m 2:06:2 View replay
Cookavich 2030m 2:00:2 View replay
STRAWBERRY COURAGE (NZ) 2125m 2:00:1 View replay
Parisology (NZ) 1609m 1:54:8 View replay
Millwood Liberty (NZ) 1609m 1:55:5 View replay
The Endeavour (NZ) 1609m 1:59:0 View replay
Millwood Liberty (NZ) 2030m 1:59:3 View replay
Parisology (NZ) 2030m 1:57:6 View replay
Major Dancer 2030m 1:57:5 View replay
Millwood Liberty (NZ) 1609m 1:56:0 View replay
Somnio Denario (NZ) 1609m 2:00:9 View replay
Lethal Star (NZ) 1609m 2:00:9 View replay
Zorro Bromac (NZ) 2030m 1:58:4 View replay
Tiz a Smokey 1609m 1:57:4 View replay
Seven Dreams 1609m 2:00:5 View replay
Dancemeoutside (NZ) 1609m 1:59:9 View replay

Management at Bolt Sulky Innovations would like to acknowledge the assistance of all NSW drivers that participated and assisted throughout the official HRA examinations and testing of our Bolt Sulky which was conducted over a stringent six (6) month period in the lead up to the release of our new end product.

In particular we wish to thank respected NSW Hunter region trainer/driver and the recent 2014 recipient of the prestigous Dick Osborn Medal award, Mr Mark Callaghan. Mark has a small compliment of about 7 horses in work most of which you can see in the above featured winning replay videos however he has also driven winners from various other stables also featured in these videos while utilising our Bolt sulky." Mark was instrumental throughout the HRA approvals processes and has ever since continued to utilize our Bolt Sulky as his preferred choice of sulky.