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Bolt Sulky Features

Insain Bolt sulky specifications

Features include

  • Zero torsional forces on the horse that are experienced with other sulkies
  • Two stage quick release safety pin in the event of an on track emergency
  • Tracks perfectly behind the horse
  • Ergonomically designed forward shafts to suit any size horse
  • Shafts remove effortlessly for changeover or for ease of transportation
  • Long bullet tips as standard
  • Drastically reduced horse heart rates
  • Ultimate in driver comfort
  • Ability to race a larger horse on a small track
  • Fits any size horse with the use of alternate shafts
  • Problems with large horse's legs hitting wheels eliminated
  • Faster gate speeds achieved
  • Fewer injuries sustained by horses using the Bolt Sulky
  • Seat adjustable up and down as well as forward and rearward
  • Rubberized rear seat mount as approved by Harness Racing Australian standards
  • Quick release mudguards, no bolting or strapping required.
  • Wheels manufactured in Australia
  • Light weight construction
  • Faster delivery times as our sulky is built in Australia
  • Particularly suitable for square gaiters (trotters) also
  • Designed, engineered and fully manufactured here in Australia

FOR SALES OR ENQUIRES Ph: 0416 380 256